10 beginner RV mistakes to avoid


RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. It is a motor vehicle that is equipped with various equipment so that people can live in it. The RV is inbuilt with a cooking facility, cooking equipment, bathroom, sleeping facility, and many more. People usually use RV while they are on holiday. People like doing many recreational activities like camping, road trips, and many more. RV provides many facilities that make your food, lodging easier.

Therefore, people want RV vehicles for these purposes. Motor homes,  fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, campervans, and truck campers are some of the types of recreational vehicles. The utilitarian RV contains basic sleeping, cooking, and bathroom facility whereas the luxurious RV contains extra features like air coolers, television, water heaters, and many more features. There are various types of RV available in the market. You can buy this RV as per your likeness and compatibility. If you do not have enough money but want to go on a journey or camping you can hire an RV and enjoy your holiday. But make sure that you check everything and ask for a checklist before you leave for your journey.


10 beginner mistakes to avoid

  • Not Packing Enough food or overpacking

Imagine you are in the middle of a jungle and you are hungry. Then you realize that you do not have enough food, it will be a hell of a night to spend. So, if you are not careful enough in packing your food it will be a problem for you. You should not overpack as well. For three days trip packing food for one month is useless. Unnecessary food is a waste of food as well as space. So, pack the food as per your requirement. Make sure you do not have over food and you do not have limited food too.

  • Not fueling up before starting your journey

Being on a trip and calling an emergency to tow your trailer back because your gas is empty. Well, this situation will be very annoying. So always check your gas before you leave. If you are heading to nowhere, make sure that you have gas in reserve too.

  • No reservations

Make sure that you reserve a parking lot for your trailer. You do not want to drive for a long day and find that there is no parking space for your RV. You must make a reservation before you leave as there are various rules for various parking spots. Some may not allow long RV whereas some may only allow seniors to park RV. So, you must be prepared about your parking spot before leaving for the journey.

  • Not planning your route

You must plan your route very carefully before leaving for your journey. You do not want to find that the road is not for your RV in the middle of your journey. Preparing or planning your route also helps you to not get lost in your journey. You will also be aware of your routes, gas stations, parking station and also plan your number of days of the journey accordingly.

  • Leaving your curtains up at night

Leaving your curtain up at night will be an awkward experience for you. It will hinder your privacy as there will be more campers or peoples out for journey snooping around your trailer if you leave your curtain up. They can see right through your window about your chores and affairs. So, to save yourself from embarrassment pull your curtain down as soon as the sun sets down.

  • Going too fast

RV is not for moving too quickly. Driving fast is risky for you and your passenger. It may arise many problems in the RV too. Driving fast is not a feature of an RV, so you will not enjoy your drive. RV is big and heavy so driving fast will not help in your brake timing and you will also miss-control the turnings. Speeding up your RV will also lead to accidents. So, drive slowly and enjoy your ride.

  • Being underprepared at a dump station

Being unprepared at the dump station is a silly mistake. You have to disconnect all your utilities like the electrical cord, sewer hose before you leave. You will also have to clean up your dumpsite and pack everything before you leave.

  • Forgetting to check your RV

You also have to check your RV before you leave your parking site. Walk-around and check your antenna, lights, tow vehicle connections, windows, and vents. Also, make sure that your storage doors are closed and locked. Check that your cupboards and fridge doors are secure and test your turn signals, brakes, and headlights for safety.

  • Not using RV specific GPS

Use RV specific GPS rather than google maps and Apple maps. You can use the Copilot option through RV specific GPS. RV-specific GPS makes sure that you are heading in the right direction, makes sure that the road is safe for trailers and recreational vehicles. You will also be warned if there is danger ahead. So, using other GPS than RV-specific GPS is a common mistake of beginners.

  • Ignoring sounds and signs that something is wrong

If you hear any abnormal sounds then stop your RV immediately and check your RV. RV is a large vehicle so if you do not check your vehicle regularly then a larger problem may arise. You might hear beep or scrapping sounds while driving and when you do hear you must pull over as soon as possible. Checking your mirror continuously is also an important part of checking that your RV is secure and safe. If you see something flapping in your rearview mirror, stop immediately to secure it otherwise it may create problems for other vehicles and lead to an accident.


You can go on a road trip, journey or camping by buying or hiring an RV. The RV is inbuilt with a cooking facility, cooking equipment, bathroom, sleeping facility, and many more, it will be a cozy trip. But many beginners, as well as some professionals, make mistakes before, during, and after a journey in RV. Make sure that you will not make the above-mentioned mistakes and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Be safe and alert during your trip and avoid speeding up as RV is for a slow and enjoyable ride.