Review Gladiator Legends Slot

With the slot machine Gladiator online user finds himself in an ancient arena at the epicenter of the battle. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, the participant will be the winner. Getting big winnings can be with an enviable frequency for two reasons:

  • A wild with an extra multiplier, cloning on the reels.
  • Formation of combinations in both directions.

Connoisseurs of the historical genre of slots like to play a slot machine Gladiator in casinos due to the thematic bonus round. During it, the user has to fight with the enemy, receiving payments for each successful strike or repulsed the attack of the enemy.

Spins drums in the machine are standard way, without respins. Paid only combinations of symbols consisting of the same pictures located on adjacent reels so that they occupy one of the active lines. The exception is the scatter, which does not depend on its location on the field.

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Short Overview

As strong as its name suggests, this game was quick to make strides. Numerous casinos introduced it into their offering, and the game slowly but steadily rose to fame. This is a fairly new game considering the age of some land-based casinos and some online establishments. But, it’s not one to be disrespected. If you ever put some money towards it, you’ll notice its impeccable design and visuals will leave you breathless. The best part is that you can do this even without money, as it comes in the demo version, allowing you to test it before playing. Fair play!

You can approach each of its metrics if you’re remaining unsure that you want to play. With a fine RTP, which will list below, and fine bonuses attached to it, this game offers plenty to players, both those who only want to get involved with slot machines for the first time, and for those who love spinning and swinging for a while. It has a great playing experience, and if for nothing else, you’d be wise to only try it out.

One of the primary reasons why anyone should try it out is its composition. It offers everything to every standard and the traditional slot does tie in with some of the best innovative features you’re going to meet on the casino market. Even if no bonus it offers comes your way, what you’ll encounter with base playing should be enough to keep you tied to your chair. It offers so much, in so many smaller departments, with so many details worth noticing that you’ll become a fan even after a few minutes of paying. This is what we dare you, play, relax, and if you’re persistent enough, you’ll have enough bonuses that will make you feel like the emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie Gladiator, deciding the fate of lions and fighters.

Features of Gladiator Legends


Gladiator Legends follows in the footsteps of the recent Hacksaw Warrior Ways game, and the creative developer is looking to release more slots with similar themes to balance its catalog. Gladiator Legends is a violent and volatile game. The wild symbols of the Duel Reel multiplier can have a big impact on the main game as well, but in most cases, you should expect low to decent winnings.

Users will have a great time if they start playing the Gladiator legends slot machine. The video slot also has an attractive freespin mode and large line payout odds, which makes the machine interesting for fans of real bets. There is no thematic bonus or progressive jackpot in the slot. The maximum linear coefficient is x3000, and the biggest win, declared by the developer, reaches 1,303,235 credits in casino currency. The RTP of the slot is 96.46%.

Demo mode Gladiator legends


In demo mode on the page, you can play the slot machine for free and without registration. After loading the user account is replenished with 5000 credits. Downloading the slot to run in offline mode cannot, but rotating the reels in the evaluation version can be without a time limit. As soon as the test bankroll will be exhausted, it is enough to restart the demo to resume.


This game delivers what it intended to do in the first place. Its creator has experience in this domain, but they took things a few notches forward with this one. We’re fine with it, and every true fan should be too. Being a gladiator in ancient Rome was not an easy task, but playing this game is no chore and it’s ultimately a huge fun experience that can bring you plenty of cash down the road. If you have spent sufficient time playing slots, you’ll notice from the get-go that this one changes the rules you’re used to.

What might put some players off is the bonus system which is somehow different from what you’re usually used to. Players who dedicated hours of gameplay to it noticed that the coming and going of bonuses was threaded differently than on some previous games from the same manufacturer. But, if you ask us, this is what makes the game so brilliant. Whatever you can say, you can never argue about the talent behind the game, and the effort put into creating a slot machine game that will remain loyal to its roots, and change the rules on so many levels. A true man vs. Lion battle, with only one outcome.


Slot machines in the casino have already attracted a lot of players. He is interested in dynamic gameplay and the non-standard mechanics of freespins. But the lack of additional features, low maximum bet, and average coefficients for all symbols, except for the wild, can alert experienced users.